Hiddenbrooke Townhomes

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Project Description

Client: Genica Developments

Location: Chilliwack

Date Completed: June 2013

Hiddenbrooke is the newest development located in the heart of Promontory.

At up to 2,075 square feet, these inspired and stylish homes feature a Georgian exterior. With three different floor plans to choose from, we invite you to select the three bedroom home plan that you will enjoy.

Hiddenbrooke features convenient community amenities just steps from your door:

Kroissant Kaffe – Excellent coffee, croissants, and atmosphere. Enjoy a hot cappuccino in the cafe, or enjoy it on your balcony.

Close to Home Grocery – Run out of milk, or planning late for dinner? Pick up the necessities, only a 2 minute walk from your front door.

Mt. Thom Park – Enjoy a lazy afternoon at the Park, or walk to the trail head for an invigorating weekend or evening hike.

And for the kids…a two minute drive to Promontory Elementary School (also the home of Promontory Community Church).

Project Details